R-Values for Our Custom Spa & Hot Tub Covers

What is the R-Value of your spa cover?  Unlike other industries (like home building), R-Value calculations for spa & hot tub covers are not regulated by the Federal Government and there is no standardized test to calculate the R-value of a spa cover. This is why at American, we choose to use the same foam that is used in the home building and commercial construction industry when we manufacture your spa cover. What this means for you is that we don't estimate - we know what the R- Value of your cover is since all of our foam meets ASTM C578 standards for thermal resistance.

Some of our most popular covers are listed below along with their R-Values:

  • Ocean Economy with 1 lb foam insulation (3"-2" taper) R-10.5
  • Providence with 2 lb foam insulation (4"-2" taper) R-14.4
  • Narragansett with 2 lb foam insulation (5"-3" taper) R-19.2
  • Ultra with 1.5 lb foam insulation (6"-4" taper) R-24!